Campad Electronics – The One-Stop Shop for a Mobile Lifestyle

Campad Electronics is a leading supplier of mobile phone chargers, portable radios and other electrical gadgets. The company started manufacturing electronic products for more than 25 years ago and continues to be based in Israel. A vast range of car kits, hand held devices and home appliances are sold under the Campad brand.

Campad Electronics’ website boasts about the wide range of products available under its range. The wide range of products includes fully loaded car kits, hand held devices, campervans, car cradles, inflatable camping structures and all manner of accessories. The website further boasts of the extensive knowledge gained from the experience of the various engineers and designers who work hard to provide you with genuine campad electronics and real world experience. A campad LCD wall mount is a popular choice among campers and travellers who want to enjoy a good night’s sleep on the road. Another favorite is the Campad Rock Lights, which can also be used in your camper or RV.

The website further lists various places where you can purchase a campad charger from. Most of the products are available for purchase directly from the company’s website. They also offer discounts and sales on many of their products. If you visit the website, you can read about the various makes and models and even place an order online. You can place an order for a multitude of mobile phone accessories such as chargers and mobile phone accessories.

Car chargers for example, are available at great prices and are available in a huge range of sizes, designs, power outputs and voltages. In addition, campers and travellers can also enjoy huge savings on mains chargers, portable solar panels, car cradle heaters and car wall heaters. These great prices are provided because campers no longer need to spend enormous amounts on car cradles and other similar accessories. They are now able to enjoy a truly mobile lifestyle.

For those people who need charging facilities for their mobile phones or laptops, they can easily choose from an extensive range of mobile phone chargers and laptop chargers. Many of the chargers have a huge range of extra features such as auto spot welding. They are available in different voltage options. Those people who use car cradles will also benefit from the great prices and wide range of accessories.

Campad Electronics’ extensive range of accessories not only include mobile phone chargers, car kits and other accessories, but they also manufacture TV stands, DVD cases, TV stands, DVD sleeves, Car cases and a vast assortment of other TV accessories. They pride themselves on being “the one stop shop” for all your entertainment needs. The company also manufactures speakers, TV stands, DVD cases and a huge range of other audio and video accessories. This is why it is said that you can’t find a product better than Campad Electronics.