Commercial Grade Mowers

Whether you own a lawn care business or you simply enjoy taking care of your own lawn, a commercial grade mower is an important investment. They’re designed to run more often than residential mowers, so they require stronger materials, a longer warranty, and more complex parts to keep them running.

Features on commercial grade mowers vary based on the specific needs of the customer. However, they usually have more than their residential counterparts, including higher speeds, larger fuel tanks, and better durability.

These machines are typically made with thicker steel in the deck and frame, more durable engines, and superior components like spindles, pulleys, and hydraulics. They also feature high-back seats and larger tires, which provide a more comfortable ride for operators. They are also engineered to travel at speeds up to twice as fast as their residential counterparts and to travel over rough terrain without skipping a beat.

Engines on commercial mowers are generally larger and more powerful than residential units, allowing for faster speeds, greater torque, and improved efficiency. These mowers also tend to use a 2-cylinder engine, which is more durable and easier to maintain than a 4-cylinder unit.

Commercial mowers also typically have heavier blades compared to their residential counterparts. This is because they are used to mow taller grass and weeds. The extra blades provide more suction, which cuts the grass clippings into smaller pieces and stands it up better. Additionally, they have a blade tip speed that is much higher than residential models to help cut grass more evenly.

The blade tip speed is a measure of how quickly the mower blades turn when the deck is moving, which helps to ensure a clean, sharp cut. It is also helpful for preventing clumping of grass.

Blades on commercial mowers are usually heavier than residential ones, too, because they are used to cut higher and wider areas. This can make a big difference in how long the mower lasts.

Most commercial mowers come with a full warranty, but many manufacturers offer additional warranties as well. Some even include a lifetime warranty for the engine, which can save you money over time.

These mowers can be found in the $1200-$35,000 range, and they can be a great investment for your business. They’re a terrific way to get more done in less time, especially if you are running multiple lawns and need an efficient machine.

You can also choose from a wide variety of mowers, so you can select one that fits your current business goals. Depending on your budget, you can find equipment that will fit through back gates or small backyards, and you can also get a large, heavy-duty zero-turn mower for larger properties.

The team at Thompson’s is here to help you determine what type of mower will best meet your business’s needs. With our extensive inventory, you’re sure to find the right commercial mower for your business.