Coquitlam Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a beautiful, functional landscaping feature that can increase the curb appeal of your home and add value to your property. These structures can be built from a variety of materials to best suit your tastes and the needs of your yard. They are also designed to help prevent soil erosion and support steep slopes. You can use them in your garden, on your patio or to create usable space on a hilly site. If you are interested in adding a retaining wall to your backyard, the team at Coquitlam Retaining Walls is happy to help!

We are a local hardscaping company that specializes in all aspects of the construction and installation of man-made features within your landscape. This includes retaining walls, patio construction, driveway pavers, stone walkways and cedar fencing. All of our work is done by experienced, licensed and insured professionals who take the time to understand your vision for your outdoor living spaces. We offer free estimates and are fully insured.

Retaining Walls Cost

The cost of retaining walls can vary widely depending on the size, shape, material used and how high it will be. The cost can also depend on the amount of excavation and other preparatory work that is needed before a retaining wall can be constructed. A few common materials include concrete, brick, natural stone and timber. Concrete and brick walls are typically the most expensive, while timber is usually the cheapest.

Before a retaining wall can be constructed, the type of soil on site must be carefully analyzed and taken into consideration. This is because different types of soil can have very different effects on a wall. It is important to have an engineer design the retaining wall in accordance with the site conditions.

Many retaining wall failures can be attributed to improper drainage. This is often because of the weight of saturated soils behind the wall, which can cause them to bow and even break apart. To avoid this, a proper drainage system must be installed.

Whether you need a small retaining wall for your garden or a large one to stabilize and modify a slope, our experts are here to help! We will ensure that the structure is properly designed and built, ensuring that it is safe and durable. Contact our team today to get started!

Retaining walls and slopes on private property are the responsibility of the owner. City staff will do their best to provide advice and guidance, but the final decisions and construction must be in compliance with engineering designs. The City does not assume any liability for slopes or retaining walls on private properties, including monitoring and maintaining them.