Don Mango, Everest Re’s Chief Risk Officer and Chief Actuary

The mango rests uneasily between symbol and sumptuous fruit, especially in diasporic literature. In such poems, the mango is both a trope of a backward-looking conception of home, invoking a romanticized, left-behind place that entails purity and belonging; and it carries the burden of a brutal history of exploitation and colonization by European powers. Yet, the mango remains a popular and delicious fruit that is consumed in full awareness of its complex, violent past.

The House on Mango Street is a modern classic of Chicano literature that has been the subject of numerous academic studies in Latinx and feminist studies. It depicts the vicious cycle of domestic violence and repression experienced by Sally, a young girl living on Mango Street, who wants to escape her stifling existence. However, she lacks the money and independence to do so.

Mango, a FCAS and CERA, was an incredibly accomplished insurance executive with a three-decade track record of success in Reinsurance, Enterprise Risk Management and Innovation. In addition, he was committed to preparing the next generation of actuaries and served as a CAS University Liaison and Adjunct Lecturer at Columbia University School of Professional Studies. He also contributed widely across actuarial journals, including serving as a Brainstorms/Explorations column editor for Actuarial Review and as a CAS discussion paper and forum committee member.

Ari Moskowitz will lead Everest Re Group’s risk article by Don Mango function and carry on Don’s legacy as chief risk officer and chief actuary. He will report to Jim Williamson, Group Chief Operating Officer and Head of Everest Reinsurance, and be responsible for the company’s risk management strategy, enterprise risk management framework and related group processes. Ari will be based in New York and will be supported by a global team of experienced leaders from all aspects of the business.