Horsham is a popular destination for holiday makers

The town of Horsham is situated three and a half hours north-west of Melbourne and features beautiful rural landscapes, historic farm buildings, natural and manmade lakes as well as the spectacular Grampians National Park. It’s also a great place for camping, caravanning, hiking and exploring the natural beauty of regional north-western Victoria.

Horsham is a popular destination for holiday makers, families and students alike. The town has a great range of accommodation and is known for its friendly, local hospitality. It also boasts a wide range of attractions and activities such as the Wimmera Lakes Caravan Park, which is ideal for those looking to experience the dusty back roads and starry skies of rural Australia. The park also offers visitors a chance to see kangaroos and other wildlife in their natural environment.

Cedar Hill Road Park is a fantastic place to visit with kids. The playground features a number of different play structures and is surrounded by a 1.5-hectare dog park, horseshoe pits and an asphalt walking trail. The park also has a number of soccer fields, grass volleyball courts and picnic areas.

Kohler Park is another horsham playground horsham playground canopies that features a number of amenities for the whole family to enjoy. Besides the soccer field, Kohler Park is also home to an outdoor classroom, a one-mile walking and jogging trail, and playground equipment. The 1.5-hectare community dog park is a great place for dogs to meet and play. The park also has a batting cage and concession stand.

The main area of this playground is under shade sails and features a high wave slide, rope spiders web climbing frame, monkey rungs, high inclined rope bridge and a little wave slide. There’s also a lower end with an abacus, shop front and metal pipes to hit a clanger against. The playground also has a stand on spinner, swan springer and four standard swings.

There’s a basic playground in this large grassy area dotted with trees with a standalone slide, four person rocker and plastic car seat, a stand alone rocclaw, swan springer, two standard swings and a structure with a wave slide. Next to it is a water tap and toilets.

Horsham Football Club had an area alongside their clubhouse that needed some extra shelter. A&S Landscape was able to supply and install a bespoke Motiva Linear canopy, which allowed for more freedom of movement and movement while keeping the structure sheltered from the elements. The design of the canopy minimised posts, so there were fewer obstacles to avoid, and used black steelwork with clear polycarbonate to create a modern look. The canopy has worked perfectly for the club and will provide much-needed respite for those who attend games at the venue. Our bespoke designs mean that we can create a solution for any situation or requirement. Contact us for more information.