How Does Invisalign Work?

If you have crooked, crowded, or poorly shaped teeth you should look into the benefits of Invisalign. This is not a revolutionary new dental technology; however, it has been implemented in the UK, US, and Australia and is quickly becoming popular all over the world. There are many different reasons why this aligner product should be considered by you, but mainly because it can help you get back your own teeth in the way that they were meant to be. Find a Invisalign dentist in Brisbane now

Invisalign dentist in Brisbane

Invisalign is not a replacement for braces, which may not work for you. It is an all-encompassing treatment plan that does not take months to complete, unlike braces, which usually require multiple visits to the dentist. With invisalign braces, you may end up having to go back for more than one set of aligners. Not only will you end up paying more for the braces, you will also have to travel back and forth to your dentist. With Invisalign, you can receive treatment once at home and receive one set of aligners, as long as you follow the Invisalign dentist’s instructions.

Invisalign is available in both standard and custom models. The standard aligners are generally less expensive than the custom ones, but they are still less expensive than getting braces. Depending on the dentist you see in Brisbane, you can either get your teeth straightened through the normal course of treatment, which is usually more than enough, or you can opt for a shorter, one-time treatment plan that only requires two to three aligning sessions. Either way, you can expect to pay much less than if you had braces on your teeth. The standard Invisalign treatment plan requires one set of aligners to be worn at a time, whereas the longer treatment plan allows you to wear two aligners.

Invisalign braces are made out of clear, removable plastic trays. Each aligner has an inner liner that stays in place and doesn’t move around. You put the aligners on your teeth first, and then remove them after two hours. The aligners don’t have to stay in place forever; you may need to replace them every two to three months. This means that you can wear your aligners more often, but you don’t have to remove them as often – an important advantage of Invisalign compared to braces.

When you start your Invisalign treatment plan, you will receive a package of clear trays with their bases and tips cut out. The base is then secured to the tray, which fits around your teeth. The tips are fitted over the base, over the aligners. This is done for five to eight weeks, and then every two weeks, you will have another set of aligners to replace the ones you removed. Invisalign works by making your teeth look as normal as possible. Invisalign does not work to realign your teeth or replace healthy teeth – they only act as a way to get your teeth to look better for two weeks at a time.

If you’re considering Invisalign for your braces, contact a dentist in Brisbane who practices Invisalign. A team of dentists will take photos of your teeth before they begin your treatment, and they’ll make sure that all the aligners are correctly placed. Once your treatment is completed, you’ll be able to see the photos in your dentist’s office, and you can even order a DVD of your teeth so that you can look at them again in the future. A dentist in Brisbane can also give you advice on how to care for your Invisalign braces, and he or she can help you make the right choice when it comes to toothbrush and mouthwash.