How to Use the Activity Map to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The Activity Map provides business users with insights into how visitors engage with your digital properties. This interactive map overlays important information directly on a web page, allowing you to understand conversion paths and traffic flow. As a result, it is easier to make strategic decisions about your digital properties.

Activity Map offers a range of features that enable you to view, export, and edit activities. It also offers powerful segmentation tools that allow you to break results by audience segments. For example, you can customize your map to show or hide certain activities from the list. You can also change the time period you want to use to view your data.

An activity map enables you to identify the customers who have triggered an event in the past, as well as to see the path they took. To access an activity, you click on a marker or link on the web page, and it will display the corresponding customer and their path.

If you want to change the order of the markers in the map, you can use the reorder icon. When you do, the map will adjust theĀ The Activity Map order of the markers based on their priority. The first marker has the highest priority.

If you want to add additional steps to your activity map, you can do so by clicking on the Start task. You can add up to five of these steps. In addition, you can customize your task by defining custom properties. These properties can be edited in Activity Manager.

To add a path variant, you can select the Add path variant option. Once you have chosen this option, you can choose whether the path variant is a Champion or not. Also, you can configure the distribution of the path variants.

The next step is to decide how to treat the customers. By creating a split activity, you can have more flexibility in the way you manage your customers. One path can deliver a coupon through an email, and another can deliver it on the web. Using this method, you can increase your engagement with customers. On the other hand, if your customers do not meet the primary metric of your activity, you can create an additional task.

Another important function of the Activity Map is its ability to automatically track most links on a website. You can set conditions for this, such as a minimum number of clicks or a minimum time in a day.

Finally, you can customize the trigger events. Trigger events are entry points into your activity. They can be followed by other tasks. During an A/B Test, you can use a trigger event to choose between two different offers. You can also add trigger events to a single task. However, you must ensure that the trigger event has taken place within the past week.

You can also use the Split Edit feature. This opens a window where you can edit the tasks included in the activity. You can add new tasks to your activity, and you can also create a copy of the existing tasks.