League of Legends coaching involves a variety of methods

League of Legends coaching involves a variety of methods. The coach’s role can be as strategic as implementing on-stage picks and bans or as simple as overseeing training. The latter involves focusing on map movement and decision-making, as well as understanding the current meta and counterpicks. For this reason, the coach needs to be able to take in information from multiple sources.


GamerSensei is a website that provides affordable, individualized League of Legends coaching for all skill levels. You can work with a professional coach to boost your game and improve your weaknesses. To get started, you can request an Assessment Session, where a GamerSensei coach analyzes your game for 30 minutes. The coach will discuss your goals and training limitations, and provide you with a tailored plan.

Climbing the ranks in competitive video games is tough. You have to balance your team and your own gameplay. This is essential if you want to consistently climb the ladder. However, some players struggle more than others with certain aspects of the game. Therefore, a general practice plan may not be enough for them.


Sneakylol is a famous name in League of Legends, and the name literally means “sneaky”. He’s an ex-professional League player and has played on some of the best gaming teams in history. He’s also a professional League coach, and has helped many teams reach the top of their respective leagues.

He first started out as a mid laner for Ordinance Gaming, but soon transitioned into an AD Carry. He then played for several NA teams, including Team Dignitas. In April 2013, he joined Quantic Gaming along with Balls, Meteos, and Zeyzal. They made the playoffs and were voted to the second LCS All-Pro Team.


Ripley has a wealth of experience coaching in League of Legends, having coached players from all elos for many years. His methods have been refined over the years and he is patient and knowledgeable when it comes to guiding new players through the Gap. He offers detailed solutions to weak areas and has a very high success rate.


Marc Neace is a retired army intelligence sergeant and multi-season League of Legends Challenger who trains up struggling players from the lower ranks. His methods have been criticized for being unorthodox and for being smurfish. Although he charges a high fee for his coaching services, his clients are willing to pay him.

After starting his coaching business in 2015, Neace went on to switch to Fortnite and raised his prices to $100 per session. However, like this the high demand for his coaching services made it difficult for him to take a break. This forced him to raise his prices again. Despite the criticism, Neace still continues to produce and post his videos. He claims to have earned $250,000 this year.