Med Spas in Memphis, TN

One of the most well-known med spas in Memphis, TN, is SkinBody Memphis. They specialize in a variety of aesthetic treatments, including chemical peels, injectables, skin resurfacing, spray tanning, and more. Their reputation for top-quality service has helped them grow and expand their office space and services. You can get the results you’ve been hoping for with these procedures at this top-rated med spa.


Venus Legacy is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment

Among the many non-surgical skin tightening treatments available at medical spa Memphis is the Venus Legacy. This nonsurgical treatment can reduce the volume of your face and body and also targets cellulite. It uses thermal energy to increase collagen production and break down stubborn fat cells. It is performed by Dr. Jeff Lowery at De La Belle Wellness & Spa. The procedure requires six to eight sessions, each spaced about one week apart. The treatment can be performed on the entire body or just one area, depending on the extent of your desired results.

Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure

You may be wondering if Botox medical spa Memphis is right for you. The procedure is virtually painless, and doctors administer it using ultra-thin needles. Patients usually experience a mild stinging sensation, but this is minimal and can be minimized with a topical numbing cream. Botox is also fast, lasting between ten and fifteen minutes, and you can resume your daily activities almost immediately afterward.

Sneed Medispa and Wellness offers interest-free financing

If you’re interested in undergoing a treatment at a Memphis medical spa, there are many different options available. If you want to save money on your procedure, you may want to consider interest-free financing. Interest-free financing may be an excellent option for people with a low credit score. You can use your credit card to make monthly payments instead of paying in full up front.

SkinBody Memphis offers memberships

One of the top Med Spas in Memphis, TN, SkinBody Memphis offers memberships for clients to enjoy a complete range of wellness services, from facelifts and body treatments to CoolSculpting(r). The spa features licensed estheticians and professional nurse practitioners who use the latest in cosmetic technology and develop customized treatment plans. You can even receive multiple treatments in one session. Memberships are great value for a variety of reasons.

A Beautiful You Medical Spa is a must-visit medical spa in Memphis

A Beautiful You Medical Spa is the nation’s leader in aesthetic procedures and laser hair removal. It also offers a variety of nonsurgical treatments, including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser hair removal. Whether you want to improve your appearance or improve your self-esteem, this medical spa has what you need. Listed below are just a few reasons why A Beautiful You is one of the best medical spas in Memphis.