Puffy Vs Ghostbed

The Puffy mattress and the Ghostbed are both all-foam mattresses that have garnered large followings in the industry. While both beds have a high number of positive attributes, they also come with a slightly different feel and price range. The Puffy uses denser foams that equate to longevity and strength, while the Ghostbed utilizes memory foam for a gentle hugging sensation. Both beds provide pressure point relief through contouring and are great options for those who enjoy a soft feel in their sleep.

The top layer of the Ghostbed consists of latex, which reduces the amount of heat that it retains. This layer is naturally aerated to allow for healthy airflow and wicks away moisture to help keep you cool throughout the night. The layer below is a memory foam that has a cooling gel infusion to further regulate your temperature. The final layer of the mattress is a thick foundational foam that supports your body and prevents sagging. The Ghostbed has three layers of foam that work together to stop motion transfer completely, so couples who share a bed will not be disturbed by their partner’s movements.

The medium-plush Puffy mattress has a 5.5 to 6.0 firmness level on the firmness scale, making it ideal for back, side, and stomach sleepers. The mattress has a gentle hugging feel to it that can be soothing for sensitive joints. The bed also has a cooling effect thanks to the gel memory foam and Ghost Ice layer.

Both mattresses have a premium construction and are shipped puffy or ghostbed in box direct to your door. This is a fast and convenient delivery process, with most customers getting their mattress in 2 to 5 business days. The Puffy mattress is also OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified to ensure that it is free of harmful chemicals.

Puffy has an interesting construction that is a hybrid of both memory foam and latex. The top layer has what is considered a mixed, neutral-foam feel that is reminiscent of memory foam but with a bit more bounce. The middle layer combines polyfoam with a gel memory foam to further support and comfort the sleeper. The bottom layer is a 6″ piece of firm support foam that helps to prevent sagging over time.

The top layer of the Puffy is made with a special gel memory foam that is combined with cooling cloud technology to create an extremely comfortable sleeping surface. This top layer is infused with blue-green algae to remove toxins and provide an extra boost of cooling to the mattress. In addition, this layer is quilted with a special phase change material to further improve the sleeper’s comfort and temperature regulation. The rest of the mattress is a layer of high-density memory foam that provides the support and structure to the mattress. This layer is also infused with green tea extract to further promote the sleeper’s health and relaxation. The green tea is known to have anti-oxidants and properties that combat aging.