Scaffold wrap is a popular choice for construction sites to protect scaffolding

Scaffold wrap is a popular choice for construction sites to protect scaffolding from weather influences such as rain and wind. It is quick to fit and can be installed over any sized scaffold structure. It also acts as a barrier to prevent unauthorised access. This means that workers can continue work and remain protected whilst the wrap is on. It is a great option for construction companies looking to maximise the productivity of their workforce.

Shrink wrapping scaffolding has several benefits scaffold wrap over traditional sheeting such as Monarflex. The main advantage is that it is heat welded in place and therefore cannot be pulled apart like conventional sheets that need to be taped along the weld. This is especially important if the structure has many protruding ledgers, transoms and standards which can be time consuming to tape around.

Once the wrap is on site it can be re-welded if needed in order to maintain its integrity. This enables the contractor to keep to their planned schedule and finish on time. It also ensures that the weather has little effect on the progress of a project which is essential to keep costs down.

The wrap also offers protection to the scaffolding itself. It is designed to help protect the structure from debris, dust and other contaminants which can affect the quality of the finished product. The wrap is water resistant, meaning it can be used in rain and snow to protect the structure from rusting or freezing. This can be particularly useful in the winter months where the risk of frost is high.

It is a popular choice for builders and contractors who want to keep the aesthetics of their site as clean and tidy as possible. This is especially important if the scaffolding is erected over occupied buildings or public areas. The wrap hides the scaffolding from the public and helps to avoid complaints from building occupants, which can be an issue if traditional sheeting is used.

The wrap can be heat welded in place to make it more durable and secure. This reduces the risk of damage from unauthorised access and other environmental factors such as birds dropping debris onto the structure. It can also be insulated to provide protection from the cold and improve energy efficiency. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and is fire resistant, making it an ideal choice for construction projects in any season. The wrap is available in a range of colours and can be printed to match the branding of a particular project or company. It can also be customised with zip doors and self-adhesive zips to allow access for heavy plant and workers. This is particularly useful if the site is located in a busy city centre where noise and pollution can be a problem for building occupants.