A Degree in French Opens the Door to Many Career Options

Study one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and gain a deeper understanding of French culture and society, art, literature and cinema. A degree in French opens the door to many career options, including education, law, business, journalism, social work and translation and interpreting.

UND’s bachelor’s in French offers students two years of basic language skills and a series of courses that cover French history, culture, literature and film. The degree is offered in both face-to-face and online formats and can be pursued as a single major, or in conjunction with another major or minor.

The BA in French provides students with a strong command of the language, knowledge of French civilization and culture and training in research methodology. It also prepares students for graduate work in the humanities, law and international affairs or for careers in governmental service and teaching.

Our distinctive three-year BA in French Studies programme offers a truly unique opportunity to study the language, culture and history of France from the read more heart of the French capital and the gateway to the francophone world. The programme is delivered over three years of residency in Paris and will enable you to become a near-native speaker of the language and graduate with a prestigious University of London degree.

As a major, you will receive personal attention in small classes from renowned multilingual professors focused on your success and a supportive student community that includes an active conversation group and multiple learning activities. In addition to coursework, the program emphasizes study abroad experiences and a senior capstone course in which you do independent research and write a thesis in French.

You will also have a wealth of opportunities for extracurricular activities that include joining the French Club and participating in faculty-directed summer study abroad programs in Lyon, France and Quebec, Canada. You may also join the School of International Letters and Cultures’ endorsement of partnership and exchange programs in francophone Africa, Canada and Europe.

The UCSD School of Education endorses a secondary teacher education program that leads to certification as a French secondary teacher and that is designed to be paired with the French major. The program requires students to take a series of classes that are part of the College of Education’s Professional Education Program (PEP), which prepares teachers for state and national certification.

If you choose to major in French, you will have the chance to participate in the University’s Exchange Study Abroad program with Rennes 2 University in Rennes, France. The program is fully accredited and includes a semester of study in a French university, as well as a year of residence in Paris.

At Oakland University, the French program is a great fit for students who want to explore the diversity of France and the cultures of its people. It is also a good choice for students who want to combine the French major with a degree in business, political science, international relations or art history, or to prepare for teacher certification.