A Leap Play Area is the Perfect Combination of Fun and Fitness

A leap play area is a great way to help kids get the exercise they need, and have fun in a safe, supervised environment. This unique interactive floor transforms any normal space into a bouncy, social playground with dozens of addictive games to choose from. With a state-of-the-art projection system and dual motion sensors, it’s the perfect combination of fun and fitness. Parents love it because they can relax while their kids burn off energy in a safe, clean and hygienic environment. And kids love it because it’s so much fun and immersive.

The first of its kind in Rochester, this incredible interactive project turns any normal floor into an amazing outdoor playground. Using a state-of-the-art system and dual motion sensors, it’s like playing on a giant video game screen — but so much more. Kids of all ages can play together in a social setting, and parents can sit back and watch them jump, run, slide and spin around the room. It’s an unforgettable experience that will be talked about for years to come!

The LEAP initiative was developed by the government to improve children’s enjoyment of lunchtime PA (physical activity), quality of life (QOL) and participation during school break periods. Its main outcome variables were PA, measured objectively using pedometers and qualitatively, via the System of Observing Play and Leisure Activities in Youth, which provides contextual information on children’s PA within the school playground.

LAPs are landscaped areas of open space designed for the under 6’s and are advised to be located within a safe walking distance from home, again situated for informal supervision ie by well used routes or houses, and must provide seating provision for parent guardians. Equipment selection must be age appropriate ie cradle seat swings for toddlers or flat seat swings for older children and should also include inclusive swing options, products such as the Milton play unit that provide a range of challenging experiences in one chain are ideal. Enclosure of the site is optional and if fencing is to be used it must be in line with a 5m buffer zone containing planting.

NEAP stands for Local Equipped Area of Play and is intended for the over 8’s, but should be considerate of younger children. The design of a NEAP should be more open with more unstructured roaming space than a LAP and offer a wider variety of play functions to encourage imaginative and creative (imaginative) play, joint or social play and a greater level of physical challenge. The play criteria differs from the previous FIT guidance in that it is based on providing play experiences rather than a specific number of pieces of equipment. For example, a NEAP should contain a range of climbing structures, balancing elements and trampolines along with a hard surface area for ball games or wheeled activities. Frequently people combine NEAPs with LAPs to maximise the amount of play provision.