Acne Treatments – Are Over-The-Counter Acne Treatments As Effective As Prescription Antibiotics?

OTC acne treatments

Over-the-counter acne treatments are just as effective as prescription antibiotics. According to a British study, benzoyl peroxide was 12 times more effective than oxytetracycline, an oral antibiotic. And a combination of benzoyl peroxide and erythromycin was more cost-effective than either of them alone. Although prescription acne treatments have been the standard of care for decades, increased concerns about antibiotic resistance has spurred researchers to consider other options.

Corticosteroid injections

Getting a cortisone shot to treat an acne nodule can reduce the time required for it to heal by half or more. The shot also decreases the chance of scarring and hyperpigmentation. Although some people experience permanent blemishes after getting a cortisone injection, this effect usually subsides within a year.

Benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is an effective treatment for acne. Unlike most other topical antibiotics, it does not build up antibiotic resistance and can be used repeatedly without adverse side effects. Benzoyl peroxide is suitable for all types of acne and should be introduced to the skin slowly. Benzoyl peroxide can make the skin sensitive to the sun, so it is important to take extra precautions when applying it to the skin.


Clascoterone is a new topical treatment for acne. It works by blocking the hormone androgen, which causes acne. In addition, it inhibits the production of inflammatory cytokines and lipids by sebocytes. It is currently being evaluated in an open-label phase 2a study.


If you suffer from severe acne, antibiotics can help. These medications can help you to clear your skin by reducing inflammation, preventing future acne breakouts, and reducing the appearance of acne lesions. If you’re interested in trying antibiotics as an acne treatment, talk to your dermatologist about the various types available. While they may seem scary at first, antibiotics are actually very helpful for people with EverYoung Med Acne Treatments severe acne. They are most effective for treating moderate to severe acne, as well as painful breakouts.


Isotretinoin is a popular drug used to treat severe acne. It is one of the few medications that target all aspects of the inflammatory acne process. However, it is not without risks. It can cause serious side effects including skin irritation.