Batteries in Malta

Batteries in Malta are a part of the history of the island. As the country was under French rule, Maltese insurgents were tasked with building batteries to resist the blockade. The first series of coastal fortifications was built in Malta during the 18th century. These fortifications are located in various locations across the island. They include Ta’ Ghemmuna Battery, Ischina Battery, and Sliema Point Battery.

During the French blockade in 1798, Maltese insurgents built a series of batteries and redoubts in different areas. One of these was the Zabbar Batteries and Redoubt, which is located in Zabbar. Another battery was the Ta’ Maccu Battery, which is located near Mellieha. Many of the other batteries were destroyed, and only a few are still standing.

The first of these batteries was the Vendome Battery, which was built during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It was named after the Prior of France, Philippe de Vendome, who donated 40,000 scudi to build fortifications on the island. The battery was situated near the church of St. Gregory, and was a part of a semi-circular parapet wall with two cannon embrasures.

This battery was built in 1715-1716. It was a part of a series of fortifications to protect the Fliegu Channel. It was the first of a chain of fortifications that batteries in Malta defended the channel. Several other redoubts were also named after this one. Other batteries in this series were Dellia, Pwales Right, Della Croce, Qolla l-Bajda, and Ta’ Ghemmuna.

In the 19th century, the Order of Saint John established batteries in various parts of the country. Some of these were located in the city of Valletta and others were located in the countryside. There are many other batteries in Malta that have been partially or completely destroyed. But some of the most important ones, such as the Mistra Battery and Fort Lascaris, remain intact.

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