Haunted Places in Toronto

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there’s no denying that some of Toronto’s buildings and attractions have a spine-chilling history. From a lighthouse where a keeper was murdered and dismembered to a restaurant where a dead maid still hangs from the rafters, these spots will have you feeling just a little bit spooked.

Founded in 1817, Gooderham and Worts Distillery is a historic site that’s said to be haunted by the spirits of the distillery’s co-owners. The ghouls are believed to roam the building, including the main room where they once distilled alcohol. Witnesses have reported hearing banging noises and doors opening and closing.

The old-world charm of this picturesque street may be enchanting, but it’s also known to be one of Toronto’s most haunted locations. People have reported seeing a spectral cigarette smoker, hearing spooky knocking and blood-curdling screams in this street that once served as a rattrap for murderers, prostitutes and other criminals.

This 1913 double-decker theatre was once a BMO branch before it was converted into the Elgin Theatre and later Winter Garden Theatre. This landmark is allegedly home to several ghosts, including the ghoul of a former employee who died during a performance. Ghostly apparitions have been seen lurking in the stalls and in the grand lobby.

This century-old collection of buildings that haunted places in Toronto Humber’s Lakeshore Campus originally served as psychiatric hospitals and insane asylums. According to the paranormal group Toronto Ghosts, a number of apparitions have been spotted on the property, from a woman with her face covered in apron to the sad ghost of a man who is seen walking the hallways. Other spooky encounters include hearing footsteps, a woman’s voice and a basement printing press that starts up on its own.

Before capital punishment was abolished, the Old Don Jail became known as one of the city’s most eerie places thanks to the many hangings that took place there. It’s a popular spot for ghost hunters, and a female prisoner who hung herself in her cell has been known to roam the premises. Visitors say they’ve experienced cold, uneasy feelings, heard screams and the sound of chains clinking.

If you’re looking for a more spooky experience, check out the day-time or evening bike tours of Toronto Islands that include a stop at the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. It’s rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of John Paul Radelmuller, a keeper who was murdered and dismembered due to a beer dispute between him and two soldiers. Radelmuller’s ghost has been spotted moaning and is said to be searching for his missing limbs. Book a tour here.