Post Construction Cleaning Service

Post Construction cleaning service

Using a Post Construction cleaning service is a must for any property that has undergone construction. The process is quite detailed, and you need a service that pays attention to detail. The contractor you choose should present a clean proposal that clearly states their qualifications. Once you hire a post construction cleaning company, it is important to check their references. Read on to discover more tips. Here’s a Checklist to help you choose the right company:

Stages of post-construction cleaning

A professional post-construction cleaning service can handle all aspects of this work. The first phase of the job involves clearing away the visible debris left behind by the construction process. The cleaning team will vacuum, dust, and mop all surfaces. They will also make sure the surfaces are free from any stickers or debris. This stage is important because it prepares the area for painting, flooring, and fixtures. The cleaning process can also include additional touch up work.

While it may seem easy for a standard Post Construction cleaning service near Pittsburgh PA construction crew to do this work, it’s far from straightforward. It requires specialized skills and equipment to ensure thorough post-construction cleaning. Moreover, many construction sites contain a variety of hazardous materials. Because of this, it’s essential to hire a professional service for the job. Professional cleaning teams have the necessary tools and know-how to effectively tackle the job.

Cost of post-construction cleaning

One of the most important aspects of post-construction cleanup services is their cost. Generally, these services cost between $750-$1,200 per job. While the cost per square foot may vary, a full-day cleanup can be as high as $750. Post-construction cleanup services are also a good idea for commercial buildings with strict cleanliness standards. Homeowners who only want to make minor changes to their property will also pay higher prices for their post-construction cleaning services.

Post-construction cleaning services charge between $0.15 and $0.60 per square foot. Residential cleanup services typically cost less than commercial cleaning services. Large residential cleanup areas may qualify for discounts. Commercial cleanup services vary depending on the type of property and the area of the work. Education post-construction sites tend to have a lower cost per square foot than gas stations. Additional services will affect the cost per square foot, so be sure to compare the costs before hiring a post-construction cleaning service.

Tip for hiring a post-construction cleaning service

Before you hire a post-construction cleaning service, there are some factors you should consider. The best one should be insured, have various industrial cleaning appliances, and offer excellent customer service. You should also be able to find out how long they have been in business. Check whether the cleaners have the required training and experience. Some post-construction cleaning services even provide specialized equipment to clean large spaces. These factors will make your life easier during the post-construction cleaning process.

The next thing to consider is the amount of dust inside the windows. This may be difficult to remove. However, a professional cleaning service will be able to provide you with a streak-free glass cleaner and soft rags to wipe the windows. While a post-construction cleaning service can help you avoid all of this, you still want to make sure to thoroughly clean the windows. You can also call a post-construction cleaning service if you have a lot of leftover construction debris around.

Checklist for post-construction cleaning

When it comes to post-construction cleaning, there’s an overwhelming amount to do. While most contractors offer basic clean-up, few go the extra mile to scrub the construction site thoroughly. In addition, contractors often don’t have the knowledge and tools needed for deep scrubbing. Kat’s Cleaning provides a 10-Point Checklist for post-construction clean-up that includes where to purchase basic cleaning supplies, deodorizers, rinses, and more.

The kitchen is a complex and often neglected space during construction, so a checklist for post-construction cleaning should include this area as well. The bathroom is smaller and less complex, but still requires careful cleaning. Laundry rooms are often used as storage areas during construction. Cleaning them will help make the room habitable. Wipe down cabinets, shelves, and storage counters. Cleaning the space will also remove any construction debris.