The Benefits of a Lone Worker App Service

Lone Worker App Service

A Lone Worker App Service should integrate with current and future infrastructure and be easy for employees to use. It should also simplify the health and safety manager’s job, record productivity, and respect employee privacy. Its key benefits include improved safety and productivity, reduced employee turnover, and the ability to dispatch law enforcement quickly to the exact location of the user. A Lone Worker App Service should offer all of these benefits, and more.

AlertMedia’s lone worker solution is an incident deterrent

Designed to protect the lone worker, AlertMedia’s lone worker solution provides a hands-free safety device, a panic button, and a timed monitoring session. An alarm triggered by an incident signals law enforcement to your location. The 24-hour Monitoring Center receives a signal from the device and dispatches law enforcement to your exact location. It can even contact law enforcement on your behalf, providing you with peace of mind.

It reduces employee turnover

Despite the monetary benefits of employee help desk call support retention, high employee turnover also costs a business its productivity. On average, new employees take two years to match the productivity level of an existing employee. Moreover, new hires tend to make mistakes and take longer to complete tasks. The most common cause of turnover is lack of employee engagement. Moreover, it costs a company between 10% and 20% of its annual payroll to train a new employee. In order to avoid this problem, companies need to consider the following strategies to retain their best employees:

It dispatches law enforcement to the user’s exact location

If you’re a lone worker, it’s vital to have a safe and reliable way to alert emergency personnel. The Lone Worker App Service dispatches law enforcement to the user’s location, following an organization’s emergency action plan. AlertMedia’s lone worker safety technology can help you prevent accidents, reduce employee turnover, and more.

It costs $99 per year

The Lone Worker App Service is available for the iPhone, Android, and Apple Watch. It turns your mobile phone into a personal safety device. With GPS technology, you’ll know exactly where you’re working, and the 1/2 way audio recording boosts communication. It costs $99 per year. The service is user-friendly and meets local safety legislation. This service can help you protect your workers and your company.

Other lone worker apps available

There are several lone worker safety smartphone applications available. The best ones should be easy to use and reliable, and include features such as discrete duress activation and overtime alerts. Some even integrate with other devices, including a monitoring system. Read our case study to learn how Epworth HealthCare uses one. The app is particularly helpful when it comes to managing the health and safety of lone workers because it makes it easier to manage risk, stay compliant, and save time.