The Triangle Tiffin: Exploring Culinary Delights

In the spring of 1913, the Upper Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys were ravaged by one of the most devastating floods in the region’s history. Among those communities which suffered the consequences of that disaster was Tiffin, located on the Sandusky River in northwest Ohio. During that three-day period, the city sustained more than $1,000,000 in property loss, 46 houses and 2 factories swept away, 10 factories damaged, 69 places of business heavily damaged, 6 bridges within the corporate limits destroyed, and – worst of all – 19 lives lost.

Tiffin has long been an industrial center, manufacturing glass and pottery. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, its industries also included steel fabrication and railroad transportation. Today, is a leading producer of kitchen and bath products and the home to the campuses of Tiffin University and Heidelberg University.

The Tiffin Glass Museum preserves the heritage established by the men and women who worked in what was once called “Tiffin’s Glass House.” You can visit the gift shop and see the many beautiful pieces of glass they’ve collected over the years. They even have enough inventory to sell complete sets of beautiful stemware!

In addition to the museum, Tiffin has a large number of parks. Many of the parks are located on the city’s greenway system, and the City of Tiffin offers several programs to help people get outdoors and enjoy them. In recent years, Tiffin’s population has increased by more than 900 percent, and the City has responded by constructing new parks to accommodate this growth.

Tiffin is home to an excellent hospital, the Mercy Health Saint Francis Hospital, and has a thriving medical research community with the Tiffin University Medical Center. The Tiffin Airport serves general aviation, and the CSX rail yard is a busy hub for that company’s line through the city.

There are numerous retail and service businesses in Tiffin, including grocery stores, banks, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, and drugstores. Some of the largest employers in Tiffin are The American Standard Company, which produces ceramic kitchen and bath products; Pettibone LLC, an automotive components manufacturer; Hanson Clutch and Machinery Company; and Ballreich’s Bros., a potato chip manufacturer.

Great Antique Shops, Boutiques, and Farmers Markets are familiar sights in small towns, and Tiffin is no exception! Some of our favorites include Simply Susan’s: Boutique & Fine Chocolates, Hawkes Crystal: Handmade gifts by Tiffin’s local master etcher, and Ballreich’s Bros.: Great food and delicious potato chips!

Nestled in the heart of Ohio, Tiffin stands as a quintessential Midwestern town, known not only for its rich history but also for a unique geographical feature—the Tiffinian Triangle. This enigmatic triangle, an intriguing natural formation, has captured the imaginations of locals and visitors alike.

Tiffin, with its serene landscapes and friendly community, has long been a hub for both industry and culture. Its historical roots run deep, evident in the beautifully preserved architecture that lines its streets. However, what truly sets Tiffin apart is the mystery surrounding the Triangle.

The Tiffinian Triangle, a triangular area within the town, has sparked fascination and curiosity. Encompassing several neighborhoods, this region is said to possess an unusual energy, leading to countless tales and urban legends. Some claim it’s a convergence of ley lines, while others believe it to be an ancient sacred site. Local folklore whispers of inexplicable phenomena—a heightened sense of tranquility, an unusual play of light, and occasional reports of subtle, unexplainable occurrences.

Beyond its mysterious aura, Tiffin remains a vibrant community offering a range of activities and attractions. From the picturesque parks and charming downtown to the diverse culinary scene and thriving arts community, there’s something for everyone. Visitors can immerse themselves in history at the Seneca County Museum, explore nature at Hedges-Boyer Park, or savor local flavors at the various eateries.

Moreover, the people of Tiffin, known for their warmth and hospitality, contribute significantly to the town’s allure. Their pride in Tiffin’s heritage and their welcoming nature make every visitor feel like a part of the community.

In essence, Tiffin, Ohio, goes beyond being a mere town; it’s a tapestry woven with history, mystery, and a strong sense of community. The enigmatic Triangle adds an intriguing layer to an already charming and inviting destination, beckoning adventurers to unravel its secrets while embracing the warmth of Tiffin’s embrace.