Four Experts on Dementia Care in Sydney

Dementia Care Sydney

Dementia care is a growing field, but where can you go to get the best care? Read on for some tips. We interviewed four experts to find the best dementia care in Sydney. Dr Martin Kennedy, Dr Meera Agar, Professor Andrew Cole, and Kirsty Beilharz share their expertise. Read on to learn about the different types of dementia care in Sydney. Read about their research and experience.

Dr Martin Kennedy

Dr Martin Kennedy is a staff specialist in palliative medicine and an experienced palliative care physician. He has worked as a specialist in rehabilitation, palliative care and elderly care in both private and public hospitals in northern Sydney. During his training, Dr Kennedy travelled to the Pacific Islands on an elective term, and his passion for subacute medicine and team based care has been demonstrated through his work.

Dr Meera Agar

Professor of palliative medicine at University of Technology Sydney, Dr Meera Agar, is one of Australia’s leading dementia specialists. She is also the Clinical Trial Director at the University of Sydney’s Liverpool Hospital. A highly skilled clinician, she has extensive experience in research and is well regarded by her peers. Her work has led to awards, including the prestigious European Association for Palliative CareĀ Dementia Care Sydney Early Career Researcher Award.

Professor Andrew Cole

Professor Andrew Cole at Dementia Care in Sydney, Australia, is leading a large collaborative research project to help the nation better understand dementia. The Centre’s work is a model for ongoing research knowledge translation and implementation. The team includes researchers and people with dementia. It’s hoped this research will help improve services and provide better quality care for people living with dementia. Several of the researchers involved in the project are listed below.

Kirsty Beilharz

Music is a powerful restorative tool for those living with dementia, according to Dr Kirsty Beilharz, Director of Music Engagement at HammondCare. The program uses music to build relationships and encourage movement in the cared-for. Music is also a therapeutic technique that can reduce pain and stress, create meaningful moments, and even motivate daily routines. The book aims to help caregivers, family members, and people with dementia understand the multiple benefits of music. It is a form of therapy that can reduce pain and stress, promote movement, and create meaningful moments.

Matra Robertson

Dr. Matra Robertson, a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney, is an allied health academic and passionate advocate for end-of-life care and vulnerable populations. She lectured medical students in 2015 and contributed to a Masters of Social Work program on Death, Dying, and Mourning. She currently supervises Postgraduate medical students and supports research in her chosen area of interest.

Andrew Cole

Professor Andrew Dawson is the Chief Medical Officer of Greenwich Hospital and Senior Staff Specialist in Rehabilitation. He is also Conjoint Associate Professor in the School of Population Health at UNSW and Chair of the Admission and Selection Development Committee for Macquarie University. He has presented numerous national and international presentations on ageing and disability. He is currently involved in the training of Rehabilitation Medicine registrars. In addition, he lectures medical students at UNSW. He has also presented numerous online seminars and lectures for health professionals in fields ranging from community health to aged care.