Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Differences Between DIY and Professional

hardwood floor refinishing Tampa

Hardwood floor refinishing in Tampa can be the answer to your fading flooring and old flooring looking worse than before. There are professional refinishing companies who do the work, giving your floors a fresh coat of luster that will make them appear brand new. This is not only a great way to improve the value of your home but also to create an attractive room for entertaining.

Many homeowners in and around Tampa have tried sandblasting their floors. While it does leave the surface with a nice smooth finish, it is very time consuming, which is why homeowners turn to hardwood floor refinishing Tampa. This process leaves the floors looking beautiful, and in some cases has been used by architects. It can be done on many different styles of wood flooring including; sisal, cedar and bamboo. These are all solid wood floors which can be sandblasted to give them the look of hardwood.

Hardwood floor refinishing in Tampa uses chemicals that make the floors appear more vibrant and give them a shinier surface. This is the same thing that is done for vinyl siding. This method of refinishing the floors involves sandblasting the floors to remove any old top coats and then using a chemical to seal the floors. Once this process has been completed you have floors that are ready to be used.

There are pros and cons to both methods of hardwood refinishing in Tampa. With these two types of hardwood flooring, they are both appealing to look at. When choosing between the two, you need to determine how much use you plan to put the floors to. If you have young children or pets, you may want to choose the simpler hardwood refinishing so that you will not have to do any heavy use.

A major disadvantage to the more advanced hardwood floor refinishing process in Tampa is that you will have to do the sanding by yourself. The cost for sanding alone can be hundreds of dollars. You will have to pay for the chemicals that are needed as well as drive your own mower. This can get very tiresome especially if you have to do it often. The cost of hiring a professional company that does these projects quite often may be a better option if you are going to do this often and don’t have the time to do the job yourself.

Homeowners often choose the more modern method of refinishing their hardwood floors in Tampa. They hire a professional company who will use high-end equipment to do the job for them. These professionals have experience and expertise with the many different types of refinishing that can be done on hardwood floors. They can also use various methods such as using a sander and various types of chemicals. These professionals will usually only do one project a year, whereas the do-it-yourselfer may want to take on several projects throughout the year.