How to Choose the Right Moving Company

How Much Does a Moving Company Cost? | Moving.comYou’ll have many options when it comes to moving companies. You can choose between Full-service moving companies, Brokers, and the Biggest movers in the U.S. However, you should be careful about the type of move you’re going to make. You want the right mover for your needs, not just any one that offers cheap services. Read on to learn more. And be sure to call several moving companies to compare prices and service levels.

Full-service moving companies

Full-service movers offer all the services you would expect from a full-service move. These companies are usually expensive, but their prices reflect their convenience. Some companies offer free boxes to their customers, which you can use as a bargaining point. Some of these companies also offer movers auto transport, although it is advisable to use specialized car haulers for your most valuable vehicle. If you’re unsure of which type of company to hire, try U-Pack. U-Pack refers customers to pre-qualified moving service providers.

Full-service moving companies are not easy to find. The industry is rife with unethical and even illegal business practices. That’s why research and homework are essential. Check out customer reviews on the internet. However, you should also look for professional feedback from the Better Business Bureau or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In addition to customer feedback, you can also check out a company’s licensing information and complaint history.


A moving company broker is a person who works for a moving company and does not actually move the client’s belongings. Moving brokers are paid a broker service fee which can be 20-40% of the total cost of moving. Generally, the higher the cost, the higher the broker service fee. A low-quality moving company broker is only used by moving companies with empty trucks. In these cases, a broker’s fees are too high for the mover’s budget.

Moving company brokers are middlemen between the customer and the moving company. They don’t own trucks, moving equipment, or movers, but rather act as salesmen for moving companies. These brokers collect deposits from the customer and quote prices on behalf of movers. They can also help you select the most affordable moving company. A moving company broker does not own moving trucks, movers, or packing materials. A moving company should have a license to operate in your state or city.

Biggest movers in the U.S.

The largest moving companies in the U.S have been around for several decades. The parent company of Arpin is Wheaton Worldwide. Founded in 1891 by John and Martin Bekins, this company currently has nearly 900 trucks and operates in over 250 cities in the U.S. Today, they are recognized as the nation’s largest drivers. Listed below are a few companies that you should consider if you’re relocating to a new city.

Allied Van Lines specializes in domestic and international relocations. With over 500 agents across the U.S., Allied is the sixth largest moving company. Allied was originally founded as a cooperative, but was later acquired by UniGroup in 1995. The company continues to operate under its own name and operates through a network of independent contractors. Allied provides a variety of services for both residential and commercial customers, including long-term storage solutions and interstate relocation services.