Dental Practice in Cambridge – Why You Should Consider One

Having all your dental needs fulfilled in one place is very convenient. It also means you won’t have to go to a specialist for certain procedures. Dental clinics usually have general dentists, as well as specialists available for a wide range of treatments.

One downside to clinics is that the dental professionals have a higher turnover than in private practices, which can make it hard to build a rapport with your dentist over the years. Also, if you have a complicated procedure that requires multiple appointments, you might have to switch dental professionals during the process.

Another reason to visit a dental clinic is that it’s often cheaper than going to a private practice, because you’re usually treated by supervised students in training. And in some cases, your visit might even contribute to dental research or a community offering. This doesn’t mean that clinics are for everyone, though – some people prefer a more consistent and personal relationship with their dentist. It just depends on your unique needs and circumstances! So if you are considering dental clinics, just make sure to check out their specific offerings and financing options.

Providing a research-based practice and patient-centered care at every turn, Dr. Nahm is an exceptional clinician who cares deeply about the long term health of his patients. He knows all of the best food spots in town too!

Dental Practice in Cambridge clinic is a group of dentists or other healthcare professionals working together to perform various treatments and procedures. Most often associated with a university, dental clinics serve as a teaching venue for students in training and also help support dental research.

Like private practices, dental clinics offer a wide range of general dentistry and specialty services, such as orthodontics and dental implants. However, clinics usually offer lower costs and may be open longer hours than private practice. Additionally, they typically have a high turnover of staff and you will likely see different dental professionals for each visit.

This place is a scam. The employees are non-responsive and highly transactional. They are trying to damage more teeth to justify more expensive visits. I plan to find a new dentist.

A smile makeover can transform the way you look, the way you feel and improve your overall health. At Cambridge Court Dental Practice, we can provide the full range of cosmetic treatments to give you a healthy and confident smile. Our experienced dentists can perform a range of cosmetic treatments, from simple white fillings to porcelain crowns and veneers. We can also provide teeth whitening and straightening to transform your smile. In addition, we can restore damaged teeth with dental implants and veneers.