Why You Should Hire a Custody Attorney

The custody of children is one of the most difficult issues that divorcing parents have to deal with. There are many different things to consider such as schooling, extracurricular activities, living arrangements, medical needs, and more. A Custody Attorney is someone who can help you come up with a parenting plan that will work best for your situation. They can also help you file paperwork and conduct any investigations that may be necessary for your case. A good lawyer will always put the best interests of your children first and will work tirelessly on your behalf in court.

If your child is being abused or neglected by their other parent, it is very important to get an experienced custody attorney involved right away. This is because if the abuse or neglect is serious enough, you may be able to gain sole custody of your child, or at least get visitation rights. A good attorney will know how to gather the proper evidence to show the judge that your child is in danger and should not be with their other parent. They will also be able to help you with any other legal issues that may arise such as obtaining a domestic violence restraining order.

Some people believe that they can handle their own child custody proceedings, but this is rarely the case. A lot of time goes into filing paperwork, conducting investigations, and prepping for court. The process can also be emotionally draining and stressful. A good custody attorney will be able to minimize this stress and help you get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Another reason you should hire a custody attorney is because they can help you improve your communication with your ex-partner. Oftentimes, heated arguments and aggressive behavior during divorce proceedings will affect your chances of securing custody of your children. A custody attorney can help you avoid these types of situations by helping you keep your emotions in check and ensuring that all documentation is filed properly.

Lastly, a good custody attorney will be able to make sure that you receive all of the legal benefits you are entitled to under the law. For example, if you have been struggling with addiction, your attorney will be able to explain how this could affect your custody case and will be able to present evidence that proves you are a suitable parent.

If you have noticed a change in your co-parent’s approach to custody negotiations, it is a sign that you should hire a custody attorney. Suddenly refusing to return calls or emails, making excuses for why a planned visitation can’t happen, and showing a general unwillingness to consider what is in your child’s best interest are all red flags that it is time to contact a family attorney. If the issue is severe enough, a judge may even have to intervene and appoint an “Attorney for the Child.” This person will conduct tests and interviews and will submit a report to the presiding judge.