Godrej Ashok Vihar – Perfect For Live An Exceptional Life

Godrej Ashok Vihar is one of the largest and most prestigious residential developments in New Delhi. It was launched in 2020 and is situated near the railway station on the outskirts of the city. As you travel from south to north, you will come across the Ashok Vihar and see its huge buildings which are made of glass and metal and give a very modern look.

Ashok Vihar has got all the facilities of a five star hotel like well-equipped swimming pool, gymnasium, health centre, restaurant and several restaurants catering to different cuisines and budgets. This facility has been provided by the government of India through the real estate policies. Ashok Vihar apartments are also very much popular among foreign tourists and expatriates because of their very cheap rates compared to the market value of property. They have some excellent facilities as well as round-the-clock security services and maid services, etc.

Ashok Vihar Apartments is located in a very convenient location at the edge of the city. These apartments are strategically located for the residents so that they can easily get to their places in the city without having to spend much time in taking transport or travel. The nearest railway station and airport are two of the major commuting routes from all the major cities of India. They are not far away from the major tourist places of India such as Jantar Mantar, Rajpath and the red Fort.

Ashok Vihar apartments are perfect for those who want to live on a very tight budget. It offers various economical rates for the apartments such as the rent is always less than what you would pay in the other buildings of Delhi. The apartments are also located close to the railway station and the airport so that you can easily reach your places easily.

The Ashok apartments are designed with very unique styles and designs which suit the needs of people who need to live in a small apartment. The interior design of these apartments has been well thought out by their developers to provide the best living experience to the residents. All the residents are provided with a high quality of living space with very good facilities. These apartments also offer an excellent choice of the variety of the facilities. So if you are looking for some luxury accommodation in Delhi then these apartments are definitely the place where you should check out.

Ashok Vihar Apartments has various facilities available in them like health centre, swimming pool, fitness centre, laundry room, laundry, etc. The apartments even have a guest house where you can stay and take rest for a few days or even for a whole week when you get bored.